What Types of Cases Does a Family Law Attorney Take On?

By | March 10, 2018

A family law attorney provides legal representation to those who need help with family-related issues. Some of these issues may include child support, child custody, divorce proceedings, and even spousal support. The attorney takes the time to listen to the client, find out what is going on with them, and then works to the best of his or her ability to reach a good outcome.

Child Support

If a relationship doesn’t work out and one parent is spending more time caring for the child than the other parent, the other parent should provide some financial support. The financial support may be used to pay for the child’s clothes, schooling, and all kinds of necessities. Unfortunately, not all parents are willing to just start handing money over to their ex as a way of providing support to their child.

If a mother or father is taking care of the child more often than the other parent and he or she needs some financial help, the individual can decide to file for child support. A lawyer can help the client file for child support while explaining what he or she should expect of the process.

Child Custody

Custody issues may arise when two parents are no longer together. It’s important for the parents to come to an agreement so that they’ll both get to spend some quality time with the child they have together. For some people, obtaining custody is just something they choose to do to have the details in writing in case of emergencies. However, other people may want to fight for custody because their child’s other parent isn’t allowing them to spend any time with their child at all.

A family lawyer helps with child custody cases. The attorney may be involved with the mediation process, which includes talking things out with the other parent’s lawyer.


If a person wants to file for divorce, the best way to do so is with a divorce lawyer on their side. Divorce proceedings can be drawn out and there are times when these proceedings get nasty and stressful. Anyone who is planning on getting divorced should consult with a family law attorney to discuss their options and find out what kinds of paperwork they’ll need to fill out.

Spousal Support

When two people decide to divorce because the relationship isn’t working out between them, one person in the relationship may be left dealing with a lot of financial stress. For example, the wife may have been a stay-at-home mother who hasn’t held a job for several years because the husband was earning enough to handle daily expenses. As a result, she may have a tough time affording basic expenses now that she’s getting a divorce. As a result, she may want to seek spousal support.

Both men and women may attempt to seek spousal support. A lawyer can help their client complete the paperwork while explaining the process that is involved when a person seeks support from their former partner.

There are many things a family law attorney can do. An attorney who practices family law takes on several different types of cases to help clients with family-related issues.